Why I Started Kegers.com And Who Am I?

This is the part I am supposed to write about myself so I won’t be beating around the bush. I had the idea for kegers.com as an information website for a while now.

The idea was to create a website to share my knowledge about craft beers (draft of course.. not the bottled stuffs) and to encourage everyone to move to draft beers.

I wanted to show that it is inexpensive to enjoy draft beers at home and at the same time to be able to make a buck or two through my efforts.

As I am writing this “About Us” page, I do not know how the making a buck or two dream will work out but I am finally starting to put the site together and getting all my articles ready.

If you are here and reading about me, here is a little bit of history about myself and my drinking history.

My Drinking Life

1984 – I tasted my first canned beer when my dad asked me to run down to the local beer shop and get him a 6 pack. Back then, no one bothered to check my ID and they knew my dad, so it would not had been a problem even if I bought a pallet of beers.

1994 – Started to get drunk every night as I pursue my Engineering degree. Life was good but I had no taste buds, so I gulped anything down with alcoholic content.

2001 – My taste for better stuff started to develop. I was living in Monterey Bay, California at that time so I developed a taste for wines. I still love wines by the way.

And at the same time, I was beginning to learn about microbreweries and set myself the impossible target of tasting every microbrewery in US. I believe I did about 50 microbreweries in that year alone but it still fell short of my target.

2008 – My love for craft beers grew and I started to differentiate between the canned and bottled stuffs versus draft beers.

2018 – Age makes every man more “refined” or rather more picky in his preference as we settled down on what we like and do not like. I only drink draft beers when I am drinking beers.

My Own Home Kegerator

So with my “refined” taste buds, I had to have a kegerator at home. This journey to finding out about kegerators and putting one at home has been a path of discovery and lots of fun.

So I am putting everything I have learnt into this website. I really hope you will like my content and come back often.

And while you are reading my articles, do so with an ice cold draft beer.



Nick Cooper