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How Much Does a Kegerator Cost?

If you’ve been thinking about the amount of money you spend on bottled or canned beer, you may want to consider buying a kegerator. You may be wondering: is it worth buying a kegerator? Yes, it is, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing one. How Much Does a Kegerator Cost? Just […]

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The Guide to Undercounter Kegerator Installation

Instead of installing a cooler as an attachment to your bar, you may want to consider installing an undercounter kegerator. These are usually marketed to frat boys, but as a home entertainer, one might come in handy in your own home. The only problem is that installation can get tough. If you need a little […]

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Should I Build or Buy a Kegerator?

A kegerator is an altered refrigerator designed to store and dispense kegs. Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes and will vary with available features and more. However, they all serve the purpose of serving you delicious and cold beer at a moment’s notice. Coupled with a CO2 tank, the kegerator allows the contents to […]

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How Long Does beer Last In Kegerator?

We all know getting ice-cold and properly carbonated beer can sometimes be a struggle. From coolers that last only a couple of hours or less, to kegs that can be complicated to access or keep cold, beer often comes out stale or too warm to really be enjoyed fully. If you’re looking for a long-term […]

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How Much Beer is in a Keg?

There are not only many different types of beer available on the market, but you can also purchase beer in many different forms. At a bar, you may order by a pint. In a grocery store, you may get bottles or cans. But what about getting a keg of beer? How much beer is in […]

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