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How Much Does a Kegerator Cost?

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If you’ve been thinking about the amount of money you spend on bottled or canned beer, you may want to consider buying a kegerator. You may be wondering: is it worth buying a kegerator? Yes, it is, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing one.

How Much Does a Kegerator Cost?

Just like with any other product that you can buy for your home, a kegerator comes with both pros and cons. The cost of a kegerator can typically range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple of thousands.

The price depends on different factors within the model you choose. How much is a kegerator if it has all of the best features? This could typically cost you around $2,000, sometimes more.

Kegerator Kit

Usually, when buying a kegerator, you have the option of buying a kegerator kit. This kit includes everything you will need to put a kegerator together yourself. This option may even save you a little more money if you’re handy with putting things together.

Most kits will include:

  • PVC door spacer
  • Instructions
  • Faucet knob
  • CO2 cylinder
  • Faucet wrench
  • Drip tray
  • Beer faucet and more

Usually, the CO2 cylinder will be made out of aluminum, which is great because it won’t rust and it is very lightweight. The door spacer is needed so you can properly install the shank without destroying the insulation inside the door.

The instructions will give you very detailed step-by-step instructions to make it as simple as possible. You want to choose a kit that has a drip tray with no drain and a backsplash. If there is no drain, it will help make clean up easier and you won’t need to worry about any hoses.

The backsplash will also help keep your kegerator clean. You may also want to consider a kit that has a vinyl hose. A vinyl hose won’t rot, dry out, or swell. They also typically won’t be affected by any chemicals in typical kegerator cleaners.

Beer Kegs, CO2 Canister and Other Kegerator Accessories

Along with the kegerator itself, there are other things that you will need to buy for it in some cases. You will need to buy your initial keg, this can usually cost around $70, depending on where you live. Once you buy the first keg, you’ll be able to get it refilled at a reduced price.

If your kegerator doesn’t come with a CO2 canister, you will need to purchase one. These canisters usually cost around $20 and then up to $15 to get it refilled when needed. Check the canister regularly, this part is what causes the beer to come out of the tap.

Cleaning products can usually cost around $25 and they can last you up to a year, sometimes more. If you don’t use your kegerator often, you can get by with cleaning it less frequently. Keeping it clean and properly maintained will help it last longer.

If you are wondering how much are kegerators, the smallest amount you could probably spend is around $300. The higher-end models can cost around $2,100 or more.

Are They Worth Buying?

When you finally find the final answer on how much does a kegerator cost and you choose one, it might seem like it’s a bad idea. While it may cost more upfront, owning a kegerator can actually save you money in the long run.

Save Money With A Kegerator

There are plenty of different uses for a kegerator, including hosting guests, having parties, or just everyday use. If you enjoy having friends over or throwing a party once in a while, you will be able to save money on beer by having a kegerator.

Save Earth With A Kegerator

You can also help to save the environment since there won’t be any bottles or cans left over. You can have everyone use glasses or other drinkware that you can easily wash after use.

Also, beer in a keg can maintain freshness up to 8 weeks, which is a longer lifespan than bottled or canned beer.

Benefits of Having A Kegerator


While using a kegerator doesn’t completely eliminate waste, it does help cut back. You won’t need to worry about recycling bottles or cans anymore, just more dishes. Also, you won’t have to worry about having a bottle opener nearby or dealing with difficult tabs.

Freshest Beer, Every Time

Because kegs are kept at a constant temperature, they taste better. The beer will also last longer and stay fresh because of the consistent temperature. You can also fill the keg with your favorite beer, or switch it up from time to time as well.

Looks Great

With the different models available today, your kegerator can actually add to your interior. Kegerators used to be big, bulky and not fit in to an overall feel of a room. Now, you can easily find one that will flow nicely with your other furniture and decor.


Ever had friends or family over and needed someone to go to the store and get more beer? You would need to choose a friend that hasn’t been drinking to run to the store and that also takes up gas as well.

With a kegerator, you won’t need to worry about any more last-minute beer runs. Your favorite beer will always be on-hand and served at the best temperature.

Even though the upfront cost may seem like a lot, the bottom line is that you will save money in the long run. You can dish out quite a bit of money for a fancy kegerator that is already assembled and includes great features.

But you could also save a bit of money by buying a kit and building your own kegerator. Not only can you save money, you can help reduce waste as well. The beer is always fresh and some kegerators will also sometimes give your beer less foam, giving it a better taste.

You’ll always have beer ready for yourself, family, or friends. You can even fill a keg with your favorite beer, even if it’s difficult to find in bottles or cans

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