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Should I Build or Buy a Kegerator?

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A kegerator is an altered refrigerator designed to store and dispense kegs. Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes and will vary with available features and more. However, they all serve the purpose of serving you delicious and cold beer at a moment’s notice.

Coupled with a CO2 tank, the kegerator allows the contents to remain fresh, carbonated, and cold. An old refrigerator can be converted into a kegerator with a kit or with some ingenuity and time.

Should I Build or Buy a Kegerator?

The Benefits of Building


A very important benefit of building your kegerator is the extensive ability to customize it according to your needs, desires, wishes, ideas, number of kegs, size, space and budget. You will be in charge of creating the perfect kegerator for exactly what you require, without worrying about:

  • it not fitting well
  • not being the right color or width

There’s no need for finding a kegerator with exact measurements and the like. You can also keep adding on to your kegerator in the future, since you will know the exact design plans. Be ready to increase or decrease as you see fit.

You can make customizations on temperature variances, storage additions and many other features that not all bought kegerators come with. Basically, you will build the kegerator of your dreams that will do an amazing job at keeping your brew cold and fresh.

Add extra CO2 tanks or stick with a normal single or double kegerator build. Choose from a variety of pre-built designs that you can gather data from to develop your very own unique piece.

You Can Stick to a Budget

If you decide to build a kegerator, you can also decide how much money you want to spend. You may think buying is cheaper, but if you have some of the supplies at home or available at a lower cost, you can build an amazing kegerator for cheaper than most store-bought brands.

Kegerators are relatively simple machines that do not require too much of the expensive equipment, unless you want that of course. You have the advantage of designing your own kegerator within your price range.

Take as Long as You Want

Building your own kegerator also allows you to dispense as you will the amount of time it takes you to have one. If you plan for an all-out modernized version of a kegerator with excellent features, feel free to make it a two or five-year goal with no problems.

If you are quick with your hands and your head, you can also have a simple kegerator up and running in no time.  

Develop Creative Thinking and Building Techniques

Having a project in life is absolutely wonderful and keeps your mind active. Building a kegerator can get as complicated and creative as you want, depending on the exact features you wish to have and how good you want it to look.

Projects allow you to put into play all your expertise and investigate possibilities, putting to the test many abilities and creative thinking processes.  

The Cons of Building

The cons of building a kegerator will depend on how elaborate you wish to design your kegerator. Simple kegerators will be cheaper and easier. They will also be faster to achieve and be put together, which leads to rapid use.

Takes Up Time

However, building a kegerator can also be time consuming and expensive if you have no previous experience at all. Some mistakes can be made and it will be up to you to fix them.

No Guarantees

There are no guarantees when building your own machine, unlike a store-bought kit. Store-bought kegerators can be replaced if they do not work and some include limited warranty.

Also, you may have to do a bit of searching for the exact supplies you need. Depending on the area of installation, you may also require the use of heavy machinery or expensive equipment to have it properly prepped for a kegerator.

The Benefits of Buying

Easiest Fix to Your Problem

Buying a kegerator will be the easy way out. It is simple and fast to just go to the store, pick up one up and then install it. It is a straightforward option for those who do not like challenges or have no desire of building one.

Comes with Everything in a Box

You will find everything you need inside a handy box that will only require slight installation. There is no need to store hop to find all the pieces you require to build your own and no heavy machinery or equipment is involved, which is perfect for those who own none.

Conversion Kits Are Also Available

If you happen to have a leftover refrigerator for a reason, you can purchase a conversion kit and get a kegerator in return. Conversion kits are cheaper to purchase. Make sure to check if the kit will indeed fit the dimensions of your old refrigerator though.

The Cons of Buying

Limited Design and Supply Options

Buying a kegerator means sticking to the options available. Not all designs are readily in stores either. Most options are limited to one keg, perhaps two, with only the simple features built in.

In the end, if you are a picky person, you may end up disliking the kegerator you get since it is not a unique piece but a standardized version.

Customization May Be Needed Anyway

You may have to customize your store-bought kegerator anyway if you want to have extra, fancier features or add another keg to the supply. Also, you may prefer to paint or decorate the outside surface to fit in with your decor.  

Things to Consider if You Choose to Buy

Remember to keep in mind available space and size. Also, keep in mind the type of keg couplers to purchase since different kegs require different attachments.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid too much pressure from CO2 to reduce foam
  • Know your beers – some require special gas or faucets  

With everything in mind, if what you really want is to build your own kegerator. Then make it into a goal and see how fulfilling it can be to accomplish it. Besides, it is also something that can be done with friends or family, or as a standalone deal. 

There are many kits that are available to convert a fridge or chiller into a kegerator. These kits can be easily purchased online and you can have great fun creating your own kegerator.

But if you do think that getting a ready kegerator is more your thing, then you can buy one at Amazon for a great price easily. You can read some of my reviews and comparison of different kegerators.

Kegerators are fun and useful to have. In the end, either built or bought, the important thing is for it to function properly.




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